Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anonymous said: Jenn, I'm clueless about natural multiplicity and when I google it, only your blog comes up. Is it sort of like possession? Do you ever feel like your body has been invaded by these others? Did these other people/entities have bodies of their own before? Are they dead people?! Are you sure?! I would be scared to have other people in my body with me.

Jenn here. I will make a post with some links to resources regarding natural multiplicity. It occasionally feels like “my” body is invaded by others but usually feels as though  am sharing a body unless the others are sleeping or dormant. They aren’t dead. They are very much alive. I believe in reincarnation so I believe they have all had previous bodies. Your last sentence sounds like multiphobia.

Anonymous said: Calling anon "stupid" is ableist language. Check yourself. There is better language to express your dislike of someone.

Joshii here. Fine. Anon was IGNORANT as FUCK.

Anonymous said: I have a question for Damienne or for Jenn about Damienne. What tribe is he part of or from?

Damienne here. Oglala Sioux. Why is it any business of yours?

Monday, September 2, 2013
Sunday, September 1, 2013

Anonymous said: Do you ever feel bad about headmates? I mean like do you ever feel bad about the fact that you have your fun with your imaginary friends while insulting people who actually have things like dissociative identity disorder? It's sort of like if a white person walks around in black face. "HA HA LOOK AT THIS CARICATURE OF WHAT YOU HAVE/ARE. ISN'T IT FUN????" People like you disgust me.

Joshii here. You’re stupid, anon. Really stupid. Racism sucks and you fucking compare racism to natural multiplicity??? Also, none of us are fucking ableists. Singlets are so fucking ignorant, I swear.

Anonymous said: How do you type if you're a tortoise? They don't have arms capable of typing *or* the necessary intelligence required to come up with coherent thoughts in human English. In fact, it's highly unlikely that they even possess a sense of self. Reptilian brains are far less "advanced" than mammalian brains, especially those of humans. Your ability to even read this, let alone comprehend it and come up with a response, shows that you're probably not a tortoise.

Jenn here. I was a a tortoise in a past life and I currently feel part human and part tortoise, like I am both at the same time. Read about otherkin before making ignorant statements like these, please.

Jenn here. Tania keeps hitting on me. I don’t know what to do about this.

Jenn here. My dad was too busy this weekend to take me to Best Buy. Ughhh. I have to wait another week. 


2013 Indian street fashion

come-hell-or-high-water said: Are you guys relativists? IE, you believe there is no absolute truth, only different points of veiw.

Justice here. What a great question. Hmm…Well…some thing MUST be absolute, right? Like gravity, and the other laws of physics? Right?

As for more abstract ideas, I suppose I am a relativist. I don’t believe in absolute truths. For example, my spiritual journey is healing for me, but it could be harmful to someone else. We must all find our own way, using our own point of view. Does this answer your question?