Monday, November 5, 2012

Anonymous said: Hey Jenn, if you become fat, will your invisible friends get fat too? What's the difference between you and Justice? How many of "Justice's" problems are self-diagnosed? Does Justice identify as grass? Because she seems to think she can survive through photosynthesis.

Jenn here. They are gone now but they wouldn’t have been fat. The body we shared would have been and I would have been because I identify as fat. Brit was actually thin privileged and eating disordered. To my knowledge, Justice does not identify as grass. I would not however have a problem with anyone who identified as grass, or any other type of plant for that matter, simply for being transkingdom. Also, people can indeed survive on cosmic particles. It is called pranic nourishment and, done improperly, it can be dangerous. Not everyone should attempt it because it takes a great, great deal of discipline. It is still 100% possible though.