Thursday, November 22, 2012

Anonymous said: What does transabled, tortoisekin, singlet, transfat activist, demiplatonic, and asensual mean? And also, how can you be both a nonsexual and pansexual?

Justice here, answering because the last part is directed at me. transabled = transitioning away from ‘disability.’ tortoisekin = the experience of being a tortoise in a human body. singlet = one person/being in one body. transfat = transitioning from a smaller state to a fatter state. demiplatonic = only seeking friendship with potential romantic interests. asensual = an aversion to tactile sensations such as touching, hugging, etc. 

I am pansexual because I am sexually attracted to personalities, not genders, meaning I can form a relationship with anyone regardless of their anatomy or gender identity. Nonsexual just means that I am abstaining from sex by choice. It does not mean that I am asexual because I still experience sexual attraction to others. I just don’t act on it.


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