Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jenn here. Random thought: would it be possible to transition to a fatter state on a breatharian diet?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My journey into pranic nourishment - intro post

tw: mention of eating disorder

Justice posting. Hi all, sorry about the delay in this post. As some of you know, I’ve been fighting with my family again (I’ve been trying to adopt a puppy but they don’t want me to for some reason, and also I got ‘officialy’ reprimanded for my actions at my cousin’s graduation barbeque. In addition, they refuse to acknowledge my gender fluidity and constantly refer to me with my given name and insist that I act and appear more traditionally feminine. This has triggered my eating disorder and gender dysphoria). In addition to all this, I’m extremely worried about Jenn, who has been avoiding my nudges to post. But aside from all this, I’ve still made a point to keep going with my raw vegan diet and pranic nourishment.

What is pranic nourishment? you may be wondering. Simply stated, it is the belief that the human body is capable of imbibing higher forms of energy (sometimes referred to as prana, chi, light, or simply “energy”). This energy is NOT a replacement for food, and I have no intention to starve myself to death. One can access this energy through deep meditation, sungazing, and visualization. I spent the entire week keeping up with my diet and eating mostly raw fruits, vegetables, and the occasional piece of bread. I also kept a strict food diary. Here is a sample of an average day.

Breakfast: 1 cup grapes, 1 cup watermelon, 1 banana, followed by 1 hour pranic meditation

Lunch: cucumber and mint juice with an avacado and nut-meat pitta, followed by 25 minutes sungazing and outdoor yoga

Dinner: Hummus and carrots wrapped in butter lettuce leaf with a side of raw kale chips and more grapes and watermelon, followed by deep meditation and visualization.

Snack: a few slices of red pepper, a handful of almonds, a raw macro greens bar

*I also drank a great deal of water - I didn’t measure the amount though - sorry!

While practicing, I found myself with increased energy and alertness. Visualization has been especially helpful for me. I visualize myself wrapped in a warm blanket of sunlight, and I imagine the light nourishing and sustaining me. Then I imagine a ball of warm light emanating out of my chest, giving forth positive life energy and life force. I lose myself in the tranquility of the light, and when I finally open my eyes, I feel reborn and entirely refreshed.

Mediation and yoga has also been helpful. If any of you all do yoga, I encourage you to try doing yoga outdoors. It’s so wonderful!

Meditating is also helping with my eating disorder. Because of my ED, I sometimes suffer from a condition where I go hours without FEELING hunger even though I am hungry. If I am not hungry, I have a very hard time eating. But after 20 minutes of rigorous meditation and kundalini breathing, I felt my appetite returning.

So, in conclusion, I have so far found my practice to be very enriching and sustaining. I am a little worried because I seem to have lost some weight (3 pounds to be exact - my family was quick to ridicule me about this  - most of them are overweight, by the way) so hopefully with more meditation I will gain it back. I don’t want to end up in treatment! I will  also try to supplement my diet with more fatty foods such as avocado and peanut butter. 

Thanks to all of our followers who have supported me as I continue to document this journey! Peace and love.

Friday, July 6, 2012

pranic nourishment & raw dieting

Justice posting. So, I have recently experienced something of a spiritual awakening which has led me to gain an interest in pranic nourishment, also known as ‘living on light’ or breatharianism. This started when I attended a talk by David Avocado Wolfe in May. He spoke about superfoods, meditation, medicinal mushrooms, the cosmic properties of mushrooms, the ormus, and other fascinating topics. I’ve been a raw vegan for over a year now (over half of my caloric intake is from raw food, and some days my diet is 100% raw) and during that time I have experimented extensively with fasting (my longest fast was 5 days) and internal cleansing. I now wish to elevate my body’s nourishment by ingesting only the purest forms of energy. I’m interested in potentially living on prana and light energy, but I’m honestly not sure where to start. This is made even more difficult because my family is threatening to put me back into treatment for my ED (my ED has nothing to do with my pure dieting, I will explain this to anyone who asks). Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on transitioning to a pranic/breatharian diet? Feel free to message me.